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Chief Business & Sales

As an entrepreneur and leader, you want to seize opportunities as soon as they present themselves – preferably within an agile organization that is proactive in responding to rapid market and technological changes. Triceps Chief Business & Sales operates as a fully integrated member of your management team providing a clear overview of market dynamics and tuning these into action and internal operations ambitiously and decisively.

In times of change, speed, overview, and business instincts are essential for success. When the need for change is most urgent, this is pre-eminently the domain of our Chief on Demand, an active sparring partner in management meetings who helps make decisions and solve problems regarding organizational issues, marketing, and strategic reorientation to aid a successful and sustainable transition towards the future.

Martin has extensive experience with change processes within B2B environments, driven by organic growth or acquisition, restructuring, or a proposed merger. With a clear agenda and hands-on implementation, he provides reliable support for all stakeholders. With a foundation in commerce, an affinity for technology, and passion for people, Martin strengthens the organization as and when needed by providing his expertise via:

  • Initiating and realizing change processes
  • Facilitating strategy development and helping implement this hands-on
  • Making PMC transition into market expansion and internationalization
  • Coaching (multicultural) account teams, brokering talent
  • Effectively connecting links in the value chain (sales lead and customer service)
  • Being actively involved in contract discussions and negotiations

Authority and guidance are key words when it comes to our Chiefs on Demand 

Equally important are authenticity and perception, in combination with their ability to provide an strategic view of the companies direction from an unbiased, third-party perspective. While it might not be necessary to utilize a Chief on Demand on a daily basis, one or two days a month can already make a notable difference.

Our on-demand service can also be purchased on a subscription basis and tailored to your specific needs. This concept allows you to scale up our services as and when needed, making it an ideal solution for any company.

Contact Martin through:, +31 626 114 004 or LinkedIn.

Martin Mossinkoff