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Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Technology Officer is a Grandmaster of simultaneous chess who connects technology, business, and people and knows how to get the most out of this. That’s why he should wear many hats, with a versatile and in-depth knowledge of, experience with, and feeling for business processes, technology, and people. Every high-tech company needs a CTO like this, but not all of them can afford such a heavyweight on a full-time basis. Triceps’ answer to this is the CTO on Demand, a CTO who is available, flexible, and delivers tailored solutions. For example:

  • Drawing up a technology strategy and portfolio with sharp, business-oriented choices
  • Streamlining the development and gateway process, managing risks
  • Identifying new high-tech business opportunities
  • Nurturing cooperation between the development department and other parts of the company

Joost has 30 years of industrial experience and knows the tricks of the trade in both large multinationals and small high-tech startups. He is a high-tech freethinker, a generalist with depth and a good sense of people. Joost has earned his spurs in fundamental scientific research, engineering and new business development, as research director, technology manager, business strategist, general manager, startup CEO & coach for teams and executives. His specific areas of expertise  are in digital products and services, combinations of hardware and software and products for end users.

Authority and guidance are key words when it comes to our Chiefs on Demand

Equally important are authenticity and perception, in combination with their ability to provide an strategic view of the companies direction from an unbiased, third-party perspective. While it might not be necessary to utilize a Chief on Demand on a daily basis, one or two days a month can already make a notable difference.

Our on-demand service can also be purchased on a subscription basis and tailored to your specific needs. This concept allows you to scale up our services as and when needed, making it an ideal solution for any company.

Contact Joost through:,+31 655 398 876 or LinkedIn.

Joost Horsten