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Chief Communications, Digital Marketing & Branding

Bob advises brands, people, and organizations who are preparing for changes in business, brands and communication. The playing field for brands and organizations has become so complex that leaders are finding it difficult to predict the direction  and pace of change. Lagging behind is not an option, but how can you be sure you have the right people and that your people do live up to what you stand for as a brand and company? How much of the marketing budget should be allocated to what,  how do you measure success and a profitable return of your marketing spend? How do you respond swiftly and accurately  when something goes wrong? One negative Tweet can be disastrous for your brand, especially if it goes viral. Who is responsible for crisis management and how do you recover and come out stronger? Reputation damage is sometimes unavoidable, but preventive measures are available to you.

Bob has a wealth of experience in communication management within international, multicultural environments. Specific areas of expertise are:

  • Optimizing digital assets, marketing and communication structures and processes
  • Creating “value propositions” for brands and organizations
  • Developing & acquiring relevant core competencies
  • Multi-channel communication advice, budgeting and ROI
  • Selection, assessment, and contract negotiation with external agencies

Authority and guidance are key words when it comes to our Chiefs on Demand

Equally important are authenticity and perception, in combination with their ability to provide an strategic view of the companies direction from an unbiased, third-party perspective. While it might not be necessary to utilize a Chief on Demand on a daily basis, one or two days a month can already make a notable difference.

Our on-demand service can also be purchased on a subscription basis and tailored to your specific needs. This concept allows you to scale up our services as and when needed, making it an ideal solution for any company.

Contact Bob Hekkelman through , +3169033120 or LinkedIn.

Bob Hekkelman