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I find top technicians to help Dutch high-tech companies do business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
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Karel Palata

When I came to the Netherlands with my family from the Czech Republic, to work for FEI in an HR function, I noticed how easy it was for us to find our place here. I don’t know any other country where the natives can switch to English so easily – sometimes so easily that I don’t have the chance to practice the Dutch I’ve learned. I met Triceps at FEI and maintained a positive relationship since then. I’m now a partner, offering highly trained technicians from the Czech Republic and Slovakia the opportunity to enrich their careers with innovative technical knowledge and international work experience at leading high-tech companies in the Netherlands. I also work with the Triceps team, in particular with Harmen Stakenburg and Harry Nauta.

The Czech Republic has renowned technical universities and an impressive automotive industry. In a city like Brno, home to 300,000 inhabitants, 40,000 are students. I also give the best students a chance to gain international experience and work on major innovations in other companies if they have considerable work experience. They don’t come to the Netherlands to make the big bucks, they come here because they’re highly ambitious.

I have a solid network within the academic world in the Czech Republic and I know the nature of people and businesses through my tenures as managing director of Aon Hewitt and HR manager at FEI. As I’ve worked in the Netherlands for a long time, but have my roots in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I can bridge the gap between demand here and supply from there. This is good for Triceps and for these top technicians, but especially so for the Dutch companies searching for talent.

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