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We're looking for a character with knowledge of the market

We're looking for a character and knowledge of the market

If you’re looking for executives or managers who not only determine the way forward, but are also incremental to the reputation of the company, Executive Search is recommended. Executive Search is part of an intensive process that gives you a sense of who will be ‘ the perfect fit’, substantiated with facts and experiences. It’s a carefully tailored process. That’s why we want to get to know your organization inside and out to get the most accurate picture. We can only get started once we know who you are.

Triceps consultants take an in-depth look, relying on their own management experience and expertise in search. They won’t hesitate to access the extensive Triceps network. Searching becomes recruiting but we don’t stop there. We continue to closely monitor the candidate during the initial phase of the new assignment.  Our mutual goal is success, which is why all our placements come with a one-year guarantee.