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Financial wingman and modeling wizard

Head of Financial Planning & Analysis (this vacancy is fulfilled)

Your immediate task is to create financial modeling to support and direct the organization with financial insight. The role of Head of Financial Planning & Analysis is new for the organization, providing you with maximum opportunity to leave your mark. You will create financial models that not only portray all aspects of the business, but also are roadmaps to sound decision-making, helping the business to understand their cash and determine burn-rates. And creating consciousness of how long money will last and what milestones can be achieved with the given expenditures. You create financial models that are big picture thinking. You take all the pieces—costs, revenue, cash-flow summaries, profit and loss statements—and piece them together to see the big picture. You create a financial trail that you can refer back to—where were you and where are you now – giving the business something against which they can continually gauge their progress and assumption, keeping all on the right track. This quote from Guy Kawasaki sums it up best:

“The point of financial projections is to tell a story with numbers—a story about opportunity, resource requirements, market forces, growth, milestone achievements, and profits. Your job is to create a numerical framework that complements and reinforces the vision you’ve painted with words.”

Well….first and foremost….your battery is fully loaded! Your have energy. You give energy. You easily shift gear and change your navigation on the spot while keeping your eye on the final destination. Planned to be in China on Monday? That could change Sunday evening, as business priorities might change rapidly. You adapt by nature, not by force. And of course, you’re mad for numbers. ERP is nice and fancy and all…..but hey…Excel will do for now. Fit for purpose beats best in class. You look forward to change from the back seat to the drivers seat and are thrilled to help growing (with) an industry-changing company and put business, processes, systems, models in place. If they already were in place…. you would be bored. Preferred education? Something with finance at an academic level. Preferred professional background? A few years in private equity and/or investment banking and/or maybe even in highbrow financial consulting will give you a head start. Preferred learning curve? Steep. Preferred personality? Well….picture a NIO EP9.
Lithium Werks offers industry-leading technologies and battery systems with $1.8BN invested in R&D to date backed with over 400 patents / patents pending. They have experienced leadership with track record building billion dollar+ companies within the technology sector and deep experience and expertise in the evolving battery industry. Steady organic top-line growth supported by successful recent and future acquisitions and ongoing integration of the industrial business of A123 Systems LLC and Valence Technology Inc., Lithium Werks offers a unique and in-demand customer value proposition, secured by high quality Nanophosphate® cells and smart batteries Strong foothold in existing diversified customer base with relentless focus on and dedication to untapped “blue ocean” opportunities. They have growing backlog exceeding production capacity reflecting high customer demand and healthy pipeline.

And for you….Lithium Werks offers you an exiting and fast-moving team of people. The level of energy and ambition is second to none. Yet they provide their people with a nurturing environment to grow people’s entrepreneurship. Giving rein to your sense of ownership. A chance – and to be honest an expectation – to deliver value to all people in the organization. Way beyond the finance discipline. Do you feel like you can top that energy?

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