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TREASURER: ensuring cash security to bank on

Your immediate task is to select and implement a Treasury Management System, creating insight in the complex global money flows. You manage and monitor specified cash investments by entity to ensure global cash forecast and advise management on the liquidity aspects of both long- and short-term planning. Besides these tasks you take care of compiling and analyzing all strategies, policies and procedures on treasury perspective.
You support foreign exchange exposure management and evaluate solutions in relation to financial risks (FX, interest rates and commodities); assist with hedge execution and hedge accounting documentation, as appropriate. Of course intensive interacting with a variety of functional areas within the finance department as well as the business and initiating and maintaining contacts / relationships with external banks and joint ventures is part of the role.

Well….first and foremost….your battery is fully loaded! Your have energy. You give energy. You easily shift gear and change your navigation on the spot while keeping your eye on assets and liablities. You adapt by nature, not by force. And of course, you’re mad for numbers and predictability. Preferred education? An academic level in finance or accounting. Preferred professional background? Three to six years in cash management and building treasury management systems in a fast growing organization. Preferred learning curve? Steep. Preferred personality? A liquidity expert to bank on!
Lithium Werks offers industry-leading technologies and battery systems with $1.8BN invested in R&D to date backed with over 400 patents / patents pending. They have experienced leadership with track record building billion dollar+ companies within the technology sector and deep experience and expertise in the evolving battery industry. Steady organic top-line growth supported by successful recent and future acquisitions and ongoing integration of the industrial business of A123 Systems LLC and Valence Technology Inc., Lithium Power B.V. Lithium Werks offers a unique and in-demand customer value proposition, secured by high quality Nanophosphate® cells and smart batteries Strong foothold in existing diversified customer base with relentless focus on and dedication to untapped “blue ocean” opportunities. They have growing backlog exceeding production capacity reflecting high customer demand and healthy pipeline.

And for you….Lithium Werks offers you an exiting and fast-moving team of people. The level of energy and ambition is second to none. Yet they provide their people with a nurturing environment to grow people’s entrepreneurship. Giving rein to your sense of ownership. A chance – and to be honest an expectation – to deliver value to all people in the organization. Way beyond the finance discipline. Do you feel like you can top that energy?

Our customer has asked Triceps for our expertise support, finding the right candidates for this crucial role. Hence, they value candidates contacting Triceps first, instead of candidates contacting them directly. Also, we value talking to candidates only and have no time to talk to third parties. For more information or to express your interest, please contact:

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