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Global Business Development Manager Aviation

Global Business Development Manager Aviation (this vacancy is fulfilled)

Our client, Kiwi company Invert Robotics, global headquarter in Christchurch, New Zealand provides non-destructive inspection services using in-house, state of the art mobile climbing robots. Invert’s climbing robots enable precise and accurate remote inspection of nonferromagnetic surfaces such as stainless steel, carbon fiber, aluminium and glass.

Their robots make inspection work faster, safer and more accurate than traditional inspection methods. Invert Robotics highly skilled team of engineers have developed a world leading modular inspection platform suitable for use across a range of industries and applications.

It is a well-established company, having been established in 2011 following the completion of research in the University of Canterbury. Following successful capital raising and with growing turnover they are active in Australia, New Zealand, US and Europe and are rapidly expanding.

In the aviation industry, it’s potential, it’s size and the high level of attention paid to health and safety combine into a huge opportunity, making their robots an attractive and low risk option for inspection of high value assets. Location, the Netherlands where the European headquarter is based.

“We are using technology that can identify defects not immediately visible to the human eye and do so from the ground has the potential to make aircraft maintenance safer and more reliable.” Neil Fletcher, CEO

This role is a new position in our organization. You will bring the Global Aviation business within Invert Robotics to the next level. It is your task as Business Development Manager to analyze and investigate the market opportunities and to build, structure and implement a Growth Strategy for the Aviation Industry in Europe and US.

Given the high level of attention paid to health and safety in the Aviation Industry our robots are an attractive and low risk option for inspection of high value assets. We assume robotic inspection of planes to become the international standard in the years to come. We expect from you to build a sustainable successful organization in the years to come.

Location, the Netherlands where the European headquarter is based.

  • Direct the development and implementation of short and long-term business plans
  • In close contact with executive management implementing current, annual, and longterm business development objectives
  • Responsible for representing Invert Robotics and promoting the usage of robots for inspection to the Aviation Industry
  • Oversee all phases of business development activity to ensure business strategy and financial objectives are attained
  • Expand existing business opportunities and take responsibility for identification and engagement of new clients in the aviation industry
  • Provide leadership and guidance in developing and implementing new and revised strategic objectives in line with customer need
  • Create strategic relationships through networking and marketing
  • Ensure a professional relation with the CEO based in New Zealand
  • Be able to cooperate with Headquarters at a distance
  • Consult with executive management to develop and implement current and long-term business acquisition strategy and business capture plans
  • Assist in setting business and financial objectives for the Aviation Industry
  • Participate in the development of company goals and objectives.
  • Consult with executive management in pursuing business partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures
  • Understand budget and immediate targets
  • Validate market and new business strategies
  • Embrace the P&L responsibilities
You have over 10 years Business Development experience in the High-Tech Industry in combination with an extensive network in the Aviation Industry You understand the need for balance between building, structuring and growing the business. Integrity, professionalism, positive attitude and team focus are natural elements in your personality.
  • are a strong leader with respect for customers, stakeholders and understanding the challenges of inspection and safety in the Aviation Industry
  • are familiar with working in virtual teams across different locations across the world
  • are able to take on a job or task and figure out a solution without having to be harassed by a manager throughout the entire day
  • are a “get it done” type of personality
  • are passionate about the business and you have a natural curiosity to understand the full (technical) potential of cutting-edge robotic technology to create remote inspection solutions for the Aviation Industry
  • have a hands-on mentality and excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • are a trustworthy person who holds the respect and loyalty of all stakeholders
  • show tenacity in pursuing goals, and stay focused in the face of opposition and ensure personal goals are aligned with the company objectives
  • are a fluent (native/near-native) English speaker
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