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Operations & Commercial Desk Manager Europe

You will act as the lynchpin across all areas of the European company

Operations & Commercial Desk Manager Europe (reeds vervuld)

You will be a confident communicator, have excellent presentation skills alongside excellent numeracy skills. You will be excellent at interpreting / analyzing performance data to assist with driving forward the business results in the Sales and Services departments.

  • MUST be educated to bachelor’s degree level
  • MUST have a high level of computer literacy, CRM, Financial, Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to build strong rapport with internal and external stakeholders
  • Able to multi-task in managing concurrent projects
  • Able to reason with numbers and other mathematical concepts and to apply these in a range of contexts and to solve a variety of problems.
  • Ability to speak English, German and preferable French
  • Strong communication skills


This role would suit someone who has experience with managing the customer experience from start to finish with processing orders, arranging shipment of goods, building relationships with clients and, on occasion, chasing any outstanding debt.

You are a Team Player who can also work independently and gets things done.

You will be responsible for supporting the Sales and Services departments in Europe in the smooth running of their operations across Europe. You will act as the lynchpin across all areas of the European company acting as one of the primary contacts for all business supporting processes.

You perform a wide variety of administrative duties that are essential for keeping the day-to-day business of Invert Robotics Europe going forward as planned. Tasks can range from supporting aspects of the engineering or marketing process to receiving calls from customers, invoicing and scheduling meetings and appointments.

The goal of the position is to support sales and services throughout Europe in their effort to significantly increase sales. You will be the team member that takes care of the efficient running of all processes that accommodate growth in a uniform way.

Principle Responsibilities

  • Assist and support the sales and service delivery teams
  • Maintenance of relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Managing projects like sales and marketing campaigns, preparation for trade fairs, develop timetables and watch over deadlines
  • Assist with monthly status reports
  • Help with the preparation of annual sales/margin reports for clients’ business
Our client Invert Robotics, with global headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand provides non-destructive inspection services using in-house, state of the art mobile climbing robots. Invert’s climbing robots enable precise and accurate remote inspection of non-ferromagnetic surfaces such as stainless steel, carbon fibre, aluminium and glass.

Invert Robotics delivers inspection services globally in the dairy, food and beverage, aviation, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries.

Their robots make inspection work faster, safer and more accurate than traditional inspection methods. Invert Robotics highly skilled team of engineers have developed a world leading modular inspection platform suitable for use across a range of industries and applications.

Invert Robotics was established as a company in 2011 following research done at the University of Canterbury.  Following successful capital and with growing turnover Invert Robotics is active in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe and is rapidly expanding.

The company has been active in the European dairy market for 2 years. Its potential, size and high level of attention paid to health and safety, makes their robots an attractive and low risk option for inspection of high value assets.

Invert Robotics Europe is currently a small but fast-growing entity in Europe. The European office is based in Breda, the Netherlands.

Our customer has asked Triceps for our expertise support, finding the right candidates for this crucial role. Hence, we value talking to candidates only and have no time to talk to third parties.


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