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In the end, it is always about people
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Rob Savelkoul

An organisation’s effectiveness depends more on its people than the method of organisation or processes. I learned this after 32 years at Philips. Of those 32, I spent 14 years in a variety of foreign countries and I’ve also crossed many borders in terms of my job. At first, my responsibility was manufacturing. I then focused on marketing in Asia, after which I was active in procurement and supply chain for 12 years. This means I’m a good sparring partner in numerous areas.

In recent years, I’ve been working intensively on sustainability at Philips. Not just because this theme scores well from a marketing point of view, but also out of genuine commitment from the company and myself. We cannot continue as we are and consume the planet. I also guide people and companies from that perspective, shaping the customer value chain with them and working towards an end-to-end chain.

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