Are you at your most powerful?

Rediscover your true self

Outplacement is often mentioned in the same breath as reorganization, contraction, or dismissal. This could mean a company under attack, colleagues on the chopping block, or even your own position being questioned. These frayed professional relationships often lead to a surpressed atmosphere.

Regardless of the occasion, outplacement can sometimes be the beginning of an optimistic, transparent process. While it’s not always perceived like this, it’s definitely the way we see it. Triceps navigates candidates in transitioning to a different professional field and ensures the improvement of their leadership skills.

Every outplacement starts with you. Your strength and your unique personality. Believing in the positive side is essential, so together we can identify your talents and explore your ambitions and options available. What moves you? Where is your passion? What makes you happy? What drives you? The answers to these questions are the stepping stones to your brand-new future. At the end of this exciting journey, the “real” you is waiting.

When it comes to outplacement, Triceps advisers always work in pairs. One coach focuses on your personal development, the other helps you to  create a personal brand and find a working environment that suits you. As such, research into your actual ambition, competencies and desired role become a beautiful and creative process.

Triceps coaches have years of experience in various roles and organizations. With our proven effective approach, in which we add ((executive) search to the outplacement process, we bring 98% of the professionals back to work – as employees or as (self-employed) entrepreneurs.