Let's scale your business and grow your talents

We measure and know what it takes to achieve sustainable growth breakthroughs. We offer startup and scaleup companies a unique mix of tools on strategy and innovation and couple that with our organisational and execution power. That makes us unique. We get involved, are hands-on and stay until the job is done.

Scaling up organisations

We help organisations and their leaders in the transition process towards growth that is sustainable. Every company, every scaleup, every stage, every culture is different, has specific roles and processes and requires a tailor-made approach.

With unique navigation and strategy tools, we quickly analyse and understand what is needed at every stage of life. With seasoned and experienced professionals, we help create solid strategies, goals and structure, and drive execution and business development.

We advise, but never without obligation, engage, are hands-on, organise, coach and find the people. We take responsibility and stay until the job is done; a practical, measurable result that brings success.

This is how Triceps has been creating added value since 1996.

Met unieke navigatie- en strategietools analyseren we snel en begrijpen wat er nodig is in iedere levensfase.

What motivates us

As a team, encouraging and developing the qualities of organisations to achieve growth and respond proactively to change each time.

We offer our customers more than they expect. We are personal and take responsibility. We work together, honour agreements and help competently.

We like to do things our way. What we do, we do out of conviction. The result is important; the people we work for come first!

What customers ask us:

Help us grow

  • “We really need to grow much faster. Why can’t we manage to force a breakthrough?”
  • “Do I achieve my goals faster by investing in Quality Improvement, Marketing & Sales or expanding the workforce?”
  • “Cash flow challenges keep recurring, how do we ensure a structural solution?”
  • “How do I create enough innovation power to introduce the next successful product line?”
  • “We are growing so fast that the current systems and processes and can barely cope. How do I get back in control as soon as possible?”
  • “My ROI is lagging behind expectations, do I have sufficient insight into our financial ins and outs?

Help us organize

  • “Although we are growing faster and faster, the commitment of my staff seems to be waning,” he says.
  • “How do we maintain the culture. It seems like everyone only sees problems now”
  • “Am I really the right leader the company needs or is my strength mainly in technology and development?”
  • “Because of our heady growth, it is actually no longer clear who is responsible for what. And departments start acting like little kingdoms”
  • “Is my management team actually composed optimally to enter the next business phase?”
  • “We are becoming increasingly unwieldy; in the past, our customers were the focus. I miss the enthusiasm of the early days”

Help us execute

  • “From Start-Up to Scale Up. Should I say no more often?”
  • “How do we realise a flexible shell to better respond to peaks and troughs in demand?”
  • “We have to put out fires and solve quality problems all the time. We’ll never achieve our objectives that way!”
  • “Where can I find an interim manager or project manager who will bring the implementation of SAP to a successful conclusion?”
  • “The supply chain is too complex and sensitive to disruptions. How do I get more in control? Nearshoring, reshoring or …..”
  • “Proposition productisation – but how do we tackle this? We are already operational.”

What we offer

Growth & Innovation

Startup / Scaleup Business Scan

Business IT Scan

Startup to Scale-up a different mindset

Scaling for sustainable business growth (Operations)

Innovation framework and how to measure

Bringing in expertise and brainpower (industry expert)


Coaching & Outplacement

We fathom and stand for sustainable growth based on innovation, motivation, resources and execution!

People & Organisation

Startup / Scaleup Team Scan

Organizing for Growth

Leadership Essentials

High Performing Team Culture


Talent Assessment

Search & Match


Search & Talentbank

Alignment and focus on the right role, the right people and the right objectives to excel.

Execution & Performance

Transition Startup to Scaleup

Procurement & Supply Chain

Customer & Digital Transformation

Contact Centre & WFM

Innovation & Technology

Interim- / Projectmanagement

Consultancy / Chief On Demand

Triceps Network of Business Leaders & Experts

Business expertise

We pull where necessary and stay until the job is done. Your success is our result.

Chief On Demand

Being able to bring in the right expertise when needed. Think of us as your permanent sparring partner in a rapidly changing field.

Our people deploy all their knowledge, skills and experience to help you and your organisation achieve your goals. Triceps' 'on demand' services are tailormade and can take many forms: from short-term interim to consultancy or project-based approach or directly as CoD.

Scaling up and down as needed is core to service delivery. We do have the expertise, experience, network and loyalty, not the fixed costs!

Triceps werkt met mensen voor mensen.

Who we are

Triceps works with people for people.

Our consultants have broad (international) experience with a wide variety of management issues and always one clear goal in mind: helping people and improving organisations.

Triceps has been doing that since 1996. That way, we have built a network of over 14,000 people and organisations. That is our strength.

Blogs & Feedback

Scale-Up leadership support. Triceps often supports leaders of high-tech start-up and scale-up organisations. We are happy to share some key observations and questions leaders should ask themselves...read more.
Customer experience “Achieving your ambition as an organisation requires expertise. The arrival of Marc created momentum translated into a clear market-recognisable strategy/product experience. Commitment, drive and passion are the words I share in this – sincerity a given. Marc thank you “.
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White paper: High Performance Teams

In this white paper for leaders and managers, we share:
✓ The characteristics of failing and winning teams.
✓ Why one team is a success and another a failure.
✓ How to build a High Performance Team as the person in charge.