Are you at your most powerful?

Talents are rare because they hide inside people

A match between a talent and an organization never starts with the job – it starts with people. Building meaningful relationships is essential. Armed with this belief and our extensive network, Triceps can quickly find the right candidate to fill the most challenging vacancies, worldwide.

“ Generally speaking clients are looking for candidates with the right cultural fit, personality and know-how. A unique combination of competences, values, and knowledge unified in one person  and, preferably, available on the short term. Searching for a needle in the haystack, is what makes our work so challenging”, says Triceps consultant Harmen Stakenburg.



The candidates we place are often exactly where they should be, but by no means do they always meet pre-defined descriptions. That could be because the description was unclear, or because an organization extrapolated from the past instead of imagining the future. Through questions, analysis, listening, and reading between the lines, we always get to the core. This is how we find what we’re really looking for.