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If you could do anything, what would you most like to do? Triceps helps professionals and organizations achieve their goals. Our executive coaching, career marketing/career counseling and talent assessment focus on personal development, leadership, team development and organizational change.

It’s not our training but your goals that are the focus. Success is based on our knowledge of companies and organizations. This knowledge is fed daily by our search practice and consultants (chiefs on demand). Triceps executive coaching and outplacement is a modern and full-fledged program under the motto ‘becoming who you are’ and ‘from work to work’. Triceps has its own training locations in Utrecht and Waalre and operates nationwide with in-company training.

Do you need help planning your career? Triceps can help you with that. To do so call us on +31 88 5000 500 or send us a contact request. There is a Triceps executive coach near you.
The world continues to change, we work longer hours. As an executive, talent and entrepreneur, you function daily in complex force fields with major changes, responsibilities and challenges. These dynamics and complexity often pose three challenges:
Self-Knowledge: Knowing, discovering and determining your position. What do I stand for now? Who am I really? With what qualities? What are my pitfalls? What do I find really important?
Self-choice: Making choices. What am I (really) going for right now? What options and choices are there? What else is possible? And what goals am I setting?
Self-directed: How do I achieve my set goals? How do I realize my choice?
Continually reinventing yourself is part of our times. Whether it’s about your career, professional challenges in your current or future role, your team of today or your organization of tomorrow. Time and again these three questions of self-knowledge, self-choice, self-directed come up. Answers are critical to your success as an executive, talent or entrepreneur. Triceps coaches organizations and professionals to develop and find the answers. Our coaching is tailor-made and linked to extensive expertise in labour market dynamics and enables you and your organization to create insight and a new perspective. Grow personally and professionally. Get more out of yourself and increase your opportunities. Become who you are.
What do you need to find your leader? With Executive Coaching, Triceps offers professional coaching to the professional, board and top management of the organization. A level sparring partner that ultimately helps you and your organization move forward. Read more!
On your way to your new career, listen to yourself!  With Triceps Career Coaching, you’ll get the most out of yourself and boost your career by better discovering and using your abilities. That’s the goal with which you’ll get to work with two coaches from Triceps.  Read more!
From work to work! Every outplacement issue starts with you. Your unique personality and strength. Together we name your talent and explore your ambitions, your wishes and your possibilities. The answers form the building blocks for your new future. Read more!
Behavior is measurable and determines your success. The Triceps Talent Assessment is a potential analysis that consists of: inventory of effective behavior, your pitfalls, ambitions and identifies your development areas.
Are you ready for exponential change in your business? Implement executive training. These make an important contribution to creating support, motivation and energy in your organization. They provide the skills, which we did not get naturally and are absolutely essential to be successful in business.
How to balance different characters. Your organization, department or management is made up of different people with different personalities and diverse talents. If that mix is balanced then you have a powerful tool to effectively pursue your goals. But when that balance is not there, it almost always comes at the expense of focus and targets become difficult to achieve.  Read more!
  • Not our training but your goals are central. Our coaching is customized and tailored to what you really need.
  • Our outplacement approach has proven very effective in recent years; 98% of the professionals who followed the program are back to work in a job or as an (independent) entrepreneur.
  • Personal attention and intensive contact form the basis. If desired, you can make use of double coaching. One coach focuses on your personal development, the other helps you formulate your personal brand. A matter of course: Dutch & English speaking.
  • Our knowledge of companies and the job market is fed daily by the Triceps Search practice, Talent Bank and Consultants.Triceps has its own training locations in Utrecht and Waalre and operates nationwide with in-company training. Do you need help with planning your career? Triceps can help you with that. There is a Triceps executive coach in your area. Call us at: +31 88 5000 500 or send us a contact request.
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“Frank has coached me in my role as a new manager in the organization, helping me find the answers myself rather than giving me fixed solutions to the challenges I face. He has also helped me see things more clearly and apply useful tips to make work more effective and easier. He is a great coach who is always willing to offer support. Thank you Frank for the value you have added to my development!” S.C.M. – Business Improvement Manager LATAM”