Are you at your most powerful?

Chief on Demand

Dynamic brainpower at management level when necessary

As an entrepreneur and leader, you want to seize opportunities as soon as they present themselves and surround yourself with the most qualified people. Obtaining reinforcements internally is not always an option, and often the details of a task have not been clearly defined or the available budget is insufficient budget. This is the perfect time to hire one of Triceps Chiefs on Demand, a hands-on business partner whose breadth of experiences will help you to resolve critical issues and add value where and when required.

The Chief on Demand is a full member of the management team with proven experience at management or board level. An active and involved sparring partner who looks for pragmatic, cost-effective solutions with an appropriate sense of urgency.

The Triceps Chiefs on Demand are widely applicable in specific fields: Human Resources, Finance, Business & Sales, e-Commerce & Omni-channel management, Communication, Branding and Digital Marketing. They have an extensive network that management can take advantage of.

Authority and guidance are key words when it comes to our Chief on Demand concept. Just as important are authenticity and perception, as well as the strength our professionals display and their vision of the organization from a third-party perspective. While it’s not necessary on a daily basis, one or two days a month focused on helping you complete your strategy can already make a notable difference.

Subscription: our on-demand service can also be purchased on a subscription basis and tailored to your specific needs. This concept allows you to scale up our services as and when needed, making it an ideal solution for any company.