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Nico Brokking

At Philips, I’ve gained extensive international management experience over the years – from technology to sales & marketing and from product management to general management. While I achieved success there, in the end I consciously opted for something else. At Philips, you could see how careers were shaped within the company, but also how that structure could collapse at any moment and career chains would begin to run horizontally. I wanted to guide people through this, which led me to Triceps.

At Triceps, we distinguish ourselves first and foremost by understanding both business and behaviour. We’re not cold consultants, we’re people with genuine empathy. In the meantime, it’s clear we have a lot of diversity in our consultants and coaches, who have a lot in common but also many differences. This reassures our clients that things will run smoothly; we always have a solution in-house or within our nearly 14,000-strong network.

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