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Chief Human Resources Officer

A strong corporate culture provides a powerful competitive advantage, especially during times of change. Is the company’s corporate culture properly aligned with its direction? If yes, there’s a good chance acquisition, growth, product innovations, or a proposed merger would be successful. Employees are the corporate culture and the biggest challenge for management is ensuring that everyone contributes to the bigger picture in the most balanced and effective way.

This is pre-eminently the domain of the Triceps Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO on Demand). As a hereliable HR business partner he works to strengthen organizations that need it most, with an approach based on trust, companionship, and a commitment to put in the effort required. It goes beyond just giving obligation-free advice; the CHRO on Demand is an active sparring partner in discussions regarding culture and behavior. Acting as a talent broker, they develop relationships, make decisions, and solve problems. With community management as a point of focus for all employees, the CHRO on Demand will engage in team building efforts, influence and coach cultural and behavioural dynamics, and resolve conflicts.

‘Everything revolves around insight and leadership’. Our sparring partners for CEO’S, management teams, and investors, and change process strategists is Bernadette Crijns our experienced CHROs on demand. “Many companies want an HR strategy derived from their business strategy, with a clear HR agenda that aligns with the organization’s future developments. Phases such as expansion, shrinkage, organic growth, a takeover, a new product market, or a new sales culture require a particular kind of leadership, which the CHRO knows how to facilitate. You cannot simply change a corporate culture, but you can clarify the effect of a decision”.

Future-oriented listening.
We believe in the product and the market, and we always look at whether an organization is set up properly. Invariably, our first question is, “why does your organization want to do this?”. We translate the answer to this question into future aims – perhaps you’re ready to hire technological expertise, or recruit candidates from the US if that’s where your growth market is. Often, you act as a sounding board for the CEO, who can now discuss their personal motivations with an external party.

Authority and guidance are key words when it comes to our Chiefs on Demand.

Equally important are authenticity and perception, in combination with their ability to provide an strategic view of the companies direction from an unbiased, third-party perspective. While it might not be necessary to utilize a Chief on Demand on a daily basis, one or two days a month can already make a notable difference.

Our on-demand service can also be purchased on a subscription basis and tailored to your specific needs. This concept allows you to scale up our services as and when needed, making it an ideal solution for any company.