The executive search, coaching and interim agency for transition

Triceps helps leaders and organisations achieve their goals. Through our matching, coaching and chief on demand, you as an executive or company shift to the next gear.

Triceps helps leaders and organisations achieve their goals

Through our matching, coaching and chief on demand, you as an executive or a company move up to the next level. We provide the right person at the right management table and help professionals and companies to develop. That is how Triceps has been creating added value since 1996.

Coaching & Outplacement


Let's scale your business and grow your talents

We offer startup and scaleup companies a unique mix of tools on strategy and innovation and couple that with our organisational and execution power. That's what makes us unique. We get involved, are hands-on and stay until the job is done.

Search & Talentbank


Content and ambition must match!

Executive Search & Talent Bank Match: Understanding what a company needs and assessing whether that matches the professional is our skill. Our network and broad branching with professionals and companies (since 1996) are our tools.

Coaching & Outplacement


Personal attention and intensive contact form the basis

Every outplacement issue starts with you. Your unique personality and strength. Together we name your talent and explore your ambitions, your wishes and possibilities. The answers are the building blocks for your new future.

Coaching & Outplacement


Become who you are!

Coaching gives development power to increase your effectiveness and creativity. Our coaching is appropriately tailored and enables you and your organisation to create insight and new perspective. Get more returns from yourself and increase your chances.

Business expertise


To provide the right business experience!

Chief on Demand & Interim: We go from possession to use. From now on, this also works for Business Teams. Just being able to switch on the right expertise as needed. From “on the payroll” to “on demand”.



Triceps helps professionals and organisations achieve their goals. We cannot publish all search assignments and vacancies. If your ideal challenge is not listed, please make an appointment.

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