Are you at your most powerful?

Developing talents, improving business

Many topics are discussed at the management table. Issues regarding the business as a whole, ensuring the right people are in the right place, about revenue models, investments, innovations, about personal growth and organizational development. Whether you work alone or be part of a team,  a corporate leader or owner of a scale-up, some things require attention and professionalism before you can shift gears. Our coaches, consultants, and chiefs-on-demand are happy to join the conversation.

For nearly three decades, Triceps has been overseeing the entire organizational chain – listening carefully, making lasting connections, and offering the best possible service. We work in pairs or in small teams, without a battery of assistants but with a fully integrated back office.

What drives us goes beyond business idealism. When it comes to setting up and building a team or organization, we focus on people, and putting them where they can best fulfil their potential. Our goal? Creating added value for you and your organization.