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As production manager you will be responsible for realising a lean and reliable PV production operation starting up a new production line, and fine tuning and implementing improvements for the production process. Running the production facility includes warehousing and all daily operations. You will build the production team to run the line, ultimately in 5 shifts. Building up the warehousing team will be your responsibility. Ultimate goal, to establish a self-learning organization.

Jij hebt passie voor techniek en ziet direct de toegevoegde waarde van de oplossingen van opdrachtgever. Je plaats dit moeiteloos binnen het concurrentiespeelveld, waardoor je potentiële klanten overtuigt van de added value. Je hebt er plezier in om nieuwe klanten te vinden en deuren te openen op basis van inhoud. Daarnaast heb je uitgebreide ervaring met langlopende ontwikkeltrajecten en kennis van de impact die zaken als spec creep en change requests hebben op de commerciële processen. Jouw aanpak leidt tot deals en intensievere samenwerking.

As a Senior account manager, you are skilled in translating customers’ ambition into strategy, making concrete action plans and getting things done. You are familiar customers in both government as B-to-B in traditional and high-tech manufacturing and services companies. A confident and resourceful personality (for external and internal purposes), easy connector, remains calm and achieves goals on short, mid-term and longterm period.

As a Technical Sales Manager you are responsible for defining & championing the commercial and technical efforts to substantial expand business in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Besides growing client’s presence in existing markets, the primary focus of the role is on growing new markets with functional wax additives. Therefore, new opportunities with new prospects, new markets and new applications have to be identified.

In this role you are responsible for the financial and accounting activities and output in the territories of responsibility and directly responsible for the set up and management of a proactive relationship with local statutory/tax consultants and external auditors as well as creating an effective partnership with the local business, including Sales, Customer Service, Operations and FP&A team. Within the area of responsibility is included the successful implementation of the Finance transformation projects as strategically decided by the Corporate or Regional Management and the maintenance of the control environment in period of significant changes.

This role is new in the organization. Your immediate task is to select and implement a Treasury Management System, creating insight in the complex global money flows. You manage and monitor specified cash investments by entity to ensure global cash forecast and advise management on the liquidity aspects of both long- and short-term planning.